It all depends what you need

Where ScreenDocs fits in a crowd of video tools

Video is everywhere these days.
But how do you know which tool is right for your specific needs?
Maybe we're too honest, but we know there's some things that other tools do better than us.

With that said, we're also confident that we do other things much better.

Because you get mixed messages from most marketing teams, we figured we'd throw together a true comparison of when to pick ScreenDocs, and when to pick alternatives.


Similar to Adobe Premiere Pro, but for marketers instead of professional film studios
Biggest value add:
Desktop software that shares a lot of Adobe Premiere Pro's video editing interface and features, specifically for marketing teams


Simple screen recorder for informal back-and-forth communication
Biggest value add:
Screen-recorder that allows you to quickly demonstrate software bugs or communicate to internal teams or customers


Designed specifically to ease the creation of product support videos
Biggest value add:
Screen-recorder + video editor that lets you turn OFF your webcam and your microphone while you record your screen, by leveraging the world's most realistic text-to-speech technology (demos below).

Your customers will think one person made all your videos. Meanwhile, you can distribute video creation out to as many (or as few) team members as you want.
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We know you're busy, so hopefully this clears things up...

Screen recorder
Screen recorder experience
Desktop installation required
Ability to trim recorded video
Ability to crop (zoom in) on sections of your screen to focus the customer's attention
Advanced video timeline and effects
Share video via direct quick link
Download (export) video file
Royalty-free background music when publishing video
Voice-over capabilities
Need to use your own microphone
Need to use your own microphone
World's most realistic text-to-speech
How to handle voice-over mistakes
Re-record using your microphone
Cannot re-record,
but can delete audio
Change words or entire sentences any time you want with your keyboard
Video consistency
Videos look different
based on who uses the software
Videos look different
based on who uses the software
Every video looks consistent, no matter who on your team uses the software
Keep your Spotify playlist on while recording
How stressful it is recording and publishing a video
Medium stress.
You can hire voice-over artists,
or ask a charismatic team member to do the voice-over
High stress.
It's all you,
your face,
and your voice
ZERO stress.
Get a super-clear,
friendly voice-over from the world's best-behaving A.I.

Record once.

Change voices with the click of a button.

These samples show that you can record your screen once, and quickly swap out voices with the click of a button.

We currently have 6 voices available with all of our plans!

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