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Say goodbye to "getting camera ready"
Consistent videos
All videos look consistent, regardless of who makes them
Video editing feels like typing out instructions

Honestly now, is this the way to help your customers and reduce your product support tickets?

We know you care deeply about your customers, and we know it's hard to juggle everything on your plate.
Your frustrations with your current help content

You're already super-busy supporting your customers, and on top of that...

❌ Your customers aren't reading your help documents

69% of software customers prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product.

How many actually read text-based documents?
Only 18%...

❌It takes forever to create, edit, and publish videos

There's way too many decisions for you to make with most video recording and editing tools, when all you really want is to show your customer exactly how to do something, without worrying about 'creativity'

❌ Only a couple teammates are comfortable being on camera

You've only got a few team members who don't mind recording how-to videos with their own voice and face on camera.

This creates massive bottlenecks in new content delivery.

And what happens when these team members get new jobs down the road?
What it all comes down to

How much is your help content currently costing you?

There's hidden operational costs, and then there's wasted time that could be better spent on high-value activities for your customers.
Wasted Resources
When creating help videos, you sadly have to choose between:
😟😟😟 Common screen recorders that don't fit the needs of training videos
💰💰💰 Expensive video editing tools. Too many features, too complicated, and not worth the price for what you need.
Time Lost
Time is one thing you can never get back...
🕒 Time lost to learn a complicated video-editing tool

🕒 Time lost to try to make a screen-recorder work with video editing tools

🕒 Time lost to prepare your training script beforehand

🕒 Time lost to re-record when you mess up a word

🕒 Time lost to re-record when your audio equipment didn't capture your voice clearly

🕒 Time lost to find background music

🕒 Time lost to figure out complicated timeline editing

Help content in under 15 minutes

We've timed our process, and on average we've been able to create new training content from start to finish in under 15 minutes!

85% boost in retained learning

The stats are in, and customers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

25% reduction in support tickets

Our early users have reported a minimum of 1/4 less tickets, as these generally are "How to do I...?" questions instead of real issues or bugs.
An illustration showing that you don't need to have your webcam or audio equipment on to use ScreenDocs
Don't stop drinking your coffee

Say goodbye to getting camera-ready

No need to record your face or voice

ScreenDocs adds in a professional A.I. voice after you record, which you can edit as many times as needed.

If you have a computer screen, you have everything you need.

No more checking your audio setup.
No more making sure your hair looks good first.

Just hit Record and work through your script on your own time, without feeling rushed or nervous.
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ScreenDocs grows with you

Consistent-looking videos, no matter who makes them

Whether it's 1 person making your training videos or 10 people -- it doesn't make a difference.

Every ScreenDocs video looks like it was made by the same person, with the same professional voice and polished treatment.
An illustration showing how consistent each video looks
An illustration demonstrating how easy ScreenDocs text-to-speech works
No video experience needed

Editing your videos feels just like typing

Text-to-speech makes it easy to create your voice-over script

You don't need to worry about timing your voice-over with your video. We take care of that automatically.

All you need to do is type out your how-to instructions and pair them with relevant video clips from your recorded video.

Need to make an update? Do it in 30 seconds.

Updates are as simple as deleting words on your screen and typing something new.
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What are your peers saying about ScreenDocs?

Image of Gladys Ismael for their testimonial

“Before ScreenDocs, it took us a couple days to write scripts, find background music, record everything and then do polishing. Now it's taking us 15-20 minutes for everything. When you use ScreenDocs, the time to create support content will decrease tenfold”

Gladys Ismael
Head of Product Support
Aula Education
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“We used to have one person who did our training videos, but it was eating up all their time. Now everyone pitches in, it's super quick and simple, we don't feel overworked and our customers still feel like it's just one person! Very consistent branding.”

Manny Bonilla,
Vice-President of Product & Strategy
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Image of Manny Bonilla for their testimonial

When recording a ScreenDocs video, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

Literally... at the same time. WHILE recording.

(Your customers will never know, but they'll still thank you for the help!)

Still wondering how this all works?

Step 1: Record

1-click screen recorder

Our 1-click screen recorder lives in your browser, where you'll record your screen as you click through your software to demonstrate something to your customers.

No audio capture needed

During this time, you do NOT need to have a script ready. In fact, you can be drinking coffee at the same time, because we don't record your audio at all.

Save your voice for your singing lessons (and/or patient friends)
A screenshot illustrating how easy it is to just click record and get going.

Step 2: Edit

After recording, you'll add "steps" just as you would when writing a user manual.

Step 1: Do this
Step 2: Do that
Step 3: Etc.

For each step, you just need to drag the START and END positions of your video based on what part of the video is relevant
A screenshot showing how to use ScreenDocs

Step 3: Publish

Click the PUBLISH button. Really, that's it.

Your final ScreenDocs video will have:

✅ All your video steps, stitched together in the right order
✅ A life-like voice-over for each step*
✅ Free royalty background music, on the house.
✅ A direct share link, that you can send to anyone to watch the video
✅ A direct MP4 download option, where you can just grab your video and do whatever you want with it!
Screenshot showing how you can share a ScreenDocs video via a link or download the video directly

Start helping your customers right now, for free.

A happy ScreenDocs user
Publish 3 videos/month
Up to 3 minutes/video
2 voice options
Royalty-free background music
No watermarks
Share via direct link or embed
Download MP4 videos any time with one click
Email support
Starting from
Free until
December 2021!
Unlimited videos
Up to 25 mins/video
6 voices, including regional accents
Royalty-free background music
No watermarks
Share via direct link or embed
Download MP4 videos any time with one click
Email support
Re-record different video segments 
(coming soon)
Company branding (coming soon)
Auto-transcription (coming soon)
Video Analytics (coming soon)
Start for free (beta access)
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Frequently asked questions

Hopefully these help clear up any lingering concerns!
Is there a trial period?

THIS IS THE TRIAL PERIOD! We're in beta mode!

While we're in beta mode, this means you get to use ScreenDocs for free, and you also get to download any videos you create with it for free. You can download your ScreenDocs videos right to your hard drive to use or upload wherever you want.

Did we mention no silly watermarks?

So to be clear... If I use ScreenDocs during this beta mode... and then end up not paying for it once you guys start charging fees, is all my hard work lost somehow?

No, no, no! There's no hidden customer lock-in tactics at all.  

But we understand this seems too good to be true, so we'll explain our strategy here:

We're relatively new (only 4 months in!), so we are still building out new features and want to hear direct feedback from users who are willing to give us a test-drive.

This means occasionally we'll reach out via email to ask how you're enjoying ScreenDocs and what you see as its weaknesses or gaps, etc. We're also looking for positive customer testimonials and reviews as this helps give us credibility, so it's in our best interest to make sure you're happy!

However, there's no obligation on your part to even answer any our emails (but it would be really nice of you if you did! 😊)

When is beta mode over?

We anticipate in December 2021 we will look to add a paid plan with more features.

Do I need a credit cart to start the free trial?

Absolutely not! We haven't even added in a payment processor yet.

Want less headaches and more happy customers?

I want this! :)